December 12, 2014

VMware Interview Questions

Most Recent VMware Interview Questions

  • What is virtualization ?

  • What is Esx Host and Esxi Host ?

  • What is Vcenter Server ?

  • What is Vsphere Client ?

  • What is Vsphere WEB Client?

  • What is Hypervisor ?

  • What is type 1 and type 2 Hypervisor ?

  • What is VMkernel ?

  • what are the features of vsphere ?

  • Vsphere product editions?

  • Why Choose Vmware Vsphere?

  • Tell me about yourself?

  • How many years’ experience in VMware?

  • How many servers you have handling and which versions you’re using in you organization?

  • What is difference between in ESX and ESXI?

  • How many network cards in your host. How to configure this network card s?

  • What is port group?

  • Which network load balance in your using in organization?

  • What is DRS? What is pre-requisition?

  • We have the two host each host have the capacity of running 100 virtual machine but  one host having the 8 virtual machines and another  host having the 2 virtual machines it’s load balancing or load un balancing?

  • What is the option in DRS Cluster configuration? Explain the difference

  • We need to send the traffic form all network card which load balance you’re using?

  • If one of host is not responding how to check it?Birlasoft-----------


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