January 03, 2015

Vmotion Background Process

Vmotion Background Process

  • The Virtual Machine Memory state is copied over the Vmotion Network from the source Host to the Target Host. users continue to access the virtual machine and potentially update pages in memory. A list of modified pages in memory is kept in a memory Bitmap on the source Host.

  • After most of the virtual machine memory is copied from the source host to target host the virtual machine quiesced no additional activity occurs on the virtual machine. In quiesce period VMOTION transfers the virtual machine device state and memory Bitmap to the destination Host.

  • Immediately after the virtual machine is quiesced on the source host, the virtual machine initialized and starts running on the target host.

  • users access the virtual machine on the target host instead of the source host.

  • The memory pages that the virtual machine was using on the source host are marked as free.


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